Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Jon Stewart Wipes the Floor with Dick Sweat"

So tonight Jon Stewart had a segment about blogs and how the titles of political blogs are a bit more "intense" than the topic warrants, siting blog titles that use terms like "eviscerates" for situations that are actually quite reasonable and polite.

After the break, he had a funny segment in which he showed President Barack Obama being addressed by a man named Dick Sweat, who's apparently a well-known politician in his area. Naturally, the segment poked a bit of fun at the man's unfortunate moniker - paired with pretty hilarious spit-take attempts.

I, incorrigible dork that I am, just had to combine the two ideas into the title of this blog. Goofy, yes. But it made ME laugh, at least!

(Check out The Daily Show with Jon Stewart online.)

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