Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"A Murder of Crows"

If you've been terrified of our feathered friends since watching the Hitchcock classic "The Birds", I apologize for this blog in advance.

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It's Tuesday evening and I'm surfing the web while my local news is on the television. I like to multitask. Don't judge me.

Anyway, I've been paying a little attention to the news here and there, looking up when the latest story about the Bikini Baristas around here getting in trouble for serving up more than coffee (because, really, baristas in bikinis?).

But then they teased a story about crows. Specifically, teased an upcoming segment about how crows are really smart. Like, smart enough to recognize faces and hold grudges kind of smart.

I couldn't help but stare at the television screen until the segment came on, a sort of terror building as my mind began cataloging all the creepy movies I've seen featuring bloodthirsty crows. *gulp*

Finally the segment came on, and after watching it I've got to say my uneasiness has ratcheted up a notch or two...or three. As it turns out, UW researchers say crows are as intelligent as apes.

Suddenly I find myself wondering if I've ever done anything to raise the ire of any crows. Have I walked too close to a nest and been tagged as a threat? Do they have their own way of telling the other crows "the kid in the third house on the left threw a rock at me, go get him"? Can I even use Twitter without freaking out whenever I see that little bird?

Anyway, there's apparently going to be a documentary airing on CBC about these dark, intelligent creatures. I'll probably watch it, if only to educate myself a little more. Who knows, maybe I'll wind up befriending a murder of crows. If I do, I promise to use my Bird Whisperer powers for good...probably.


  1. I can't even remember the "smart crows" story I heard a few days ago. But a crow probably could. They are, apparently, scary secret geniuses.

  2. I'm sort of afraid of, but looking forward to, the special they'll be airing. I hope I can DVR it.


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